Top 4 Reasons to Wear a Bolo Tie

 If you are a true fan of the western style, I have some good news: bolo ties are finally back! After being labeled unfashionable in the 90s, this style piece has returned in all its glory.

As the list of celebrities who sport bolo ties grows longer each day, I can't help but wonder if we should all add a bit of rugged Americana to our styles. So, here are the top four reasons why you should start rocking a bolo tie.


1. It Looks Amazing

Let's face it: a bolo tie is not your average fashion detail. This iconic accessory was more or less limited to the American Southwest for almost two decades. That's why it now adds an exotic but classy feel to every clothing combination. So, if you decide to wear a bolo tie to your meeting or on a night out with your friends, all eyes will definitely be on you.


2. It's Easy to Use

Silk ties and the Half Windsor knot giving you a hard time? With a bolo tie, life gets much simpler. One of the reasons bolo ties were all the rage from the late 1940s to the late 1980s is because they are very comfortable to wear and easy to pull on and off.


3. It's a Great Way to Honor Your Heritage

If you have ties to the American West, you can proudly show off your ancestry by including a bolo tie in your wardrobe. Since many people like Bruno Mars, Johny Depp, Nick Jonas, and Quavo are donning bolos, maybe it's time to take your grandfather's tie out of your closet and make him proud.


4. It's Versatile

A bolo tie can go with just about any style, even more than a regular necktie. Here are some examples.


The classic way to wear a bolo tie is with a collared shirt and a suit. So, all you need to do is replace your necktie with a bolo, and you are good to go. But remember, the higher you place the clasp, the more formal your look.

Business Casual

Collared shirt, a blazer or a suit jacket, dark denim pants, and, of course, a bolo tie. Just picture Colin Farrell in True Detective

With a Denim Jacket

This more casual option involves a collared shirt (unbutton the top), a loose bolo clasp, and black or dark indigo jeans. But if you want to stay true to that modern cowboy ruggedness, I suggest throwing in a pair of cowboy boots as well.

Bolo ties also go well with simple or plaid shirts, Mexican and western shirts, fringed and embroidered shirts, and hipster and rockabilly shirts.


Wear a bolo tie like you would a necklace. It can add a unique flare to any outfit.

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