Five Year Anniversaries

Five years of marriage is definitely something worth celebrating. It is an important milestone that shows your relationship is going strong. So, it's not a surprise that wood, a durable and long-lasting material, was chosen to represent it. But when did this practice start, and what is the perfect wooden gift you can select for the occasion?

Read on to find out!

The History Behind the "Wooden Anniversary"

A couple sharing an anniversary together

The idea to celebrate your wedding anniversary by gifting your spouse with something special comes from 1700s Germany. But it didn't take long for this concept to spread to other countries. So, by the mid-1800s, almanacs, dictionaries, and etiquette books already had a list of appropriate gifts for each anniversary. They all considered wood the perfect way to commemorate the five-year milestone.

But Why Wood?

Sticks & Stones Ironwood and Copper Ring

Iron Wood and Copper Ring

Even after two hundred years, wood is still the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary, also known as the "wooden anniversary." Although some modern trends state silverware is an appropriate gift for such an occasion, most stick to exchanging wooden gifts. But what is the meaning behind this custom?

Wood symbolizes strength and longevity, and after five years, your marriage shows the same qualities. Like a magnificent Oak, you've put down deep roots that will help you endure any challenge. As it ages wood becomes more beautiful, just like your relationship. In the end, wood represents a promise that years of strength and durability are ahead.

Other Symbols Associated With the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

A daisy in a field of flowers

As far as colors go, people usually consider pink, blue, and turquoise to be a good choice for a fifth wedding celebration. So, it won't come as a surprise to learn that gemstones such as pink tourmaline and sapphire are symbols of the five year anniversary as well.

Furthermore, if you were wondering what kind of flowers to get for your significant other, you should choose daisies. Daisies are associated with the fifth anniversary because they represent purity, loyal love, and I'll never tell in the language of flowers.

Wooden Gift for the Wooden Anniversary

Two men wearing Sticks & Stones Wooden Wedding Rings

There are various wooden gifts you can give your spouse for your five-year anniversary. The usual ones include wooden boxes, art, furniture, and kitchen sets.

While these gifts are great and useful, you probably want something more personal. Perhaps something your significant other can carry with them all the time. Gifting your spouse with a piece of wooden jewelry is the best option.

Since it stays close to your skin, wood soaks up your natural oils and warmth, which is why this kind of jewelry gets more lustrous as time goes by. So, from beautiful necklaces and eye-catching pendants to all kinds of rings, wooden jewelry might just be the ideal gift for the fifth wedding anniversary. And if you combine it with a matching gemstone, you will get a truly unique surprise for your loved one.

Final Thoughts

Horizontal Burl Wood Necklace

Horizontal Burl Wood Necklace

Don't let the date sneak up on you and leave you without a gift for your spouse. Sticks & Stones has a wide variety of beautiful wooden jewelry. Take a look and find the perfect present for your other half. After that, you only need a port wine aged five years, and you can start celebrating your fifth anniversary in style!


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