Welcome to STICKS & STONES

Specializing in handcrafted jewelry, from individually sourced natural & organic materials such as reclaimed wood, precious metals, antler sheds, fossils and gemstones- every Sticks & Stones piece of jewelry is a one of a kind sculptural piece of art. No two pieces are identical. 

About Our Process

Each creation is brought to life by hand, using old world techniques and unique, organic materials. When the process begins, we start by sourcing the perfect wood for the base of the jewelry, based on both its beauty and durability. The wood is then shaped for proper size and style, and the top & side material(s) are added, along with the hand pierced metals. With attention to every detail, and to ensure fit and comfort- the wood is sanded, soaked, and cured to then be thoroughly inspected, polished to perfection, and ready to wear. Materials may be custom curated or designed in house, as our process welcomes you, and invites your vision for endless possibilities. There is no end to the variety of styles that can be imagined and created.

Learn more and meet founder and jeweler, Benjamin Posin as he shares some of his experience in crafting each Sticks & Stones piece of wearble art.


Custom orders are available for almost every piece you see on the site. Or if you have your own materials that you would like to discuss having incorporated into a custom piece of jewerly. Each piece is hand made with organically sourced material, no two pieces are ever exactly the same.