Welcome to your new, or soon to be new, Sticks & Stones jewelry.

Designed as wearable art, each piece has been handcrafted with love and care for comfort, style, and mobility. Some materials in your jewelry are organic, and can expand or contract in different elemental settings. Please avoid getting your wooden jewelry wet, as well as avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, or heavy lifting or handling. Each piece is created with presence and attention into every detail. Wood is porous, and has been treated for protection. For the longevity of your jewelry, these are some recommended considerations for best results.

Treat your new jewelry like a fine piece of art or furniture. Take care of your piece and it will take care of you. Lifetime refinishing is available with client covered shipping. Questions, please email ben@sticksandstonespdx.com

Thank you for being a member of the Sticks & Stones community, and for your support for a small business.  We wish you and your jewelry a long and wonderful relationship out in the world together. 

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