We are pleased to announce & share this special collaboration with Adega Northwest. Founded upon our shared ethos that quality of one's craft comes from the love for the details and the passion for the product, Adega Northwest is now offering:

Our relationship with Adega began when we spoke with them about repurposing some of their wine barrels that could no longer be used for wine, and using the wood in some of the jewelry. Through those discussions, we came to realize a shared passion for the details, and local offerings to our communities and customers. These discussions catapulted what is now a proud partnership to offer these wines, and are the result of a thriving, connected relationship. 

Wine is available for purchase by the bottle or case from Adega Northwest.

Sticks And Stones X Adega NW Wine | The Making from Conrad Kaczor on Vimeo.

Sticks and Stones X Adega NW Wine Interview from Conrad Kaczor on Vimeo.