All About Abalone

Are you looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry that stands out among others but still retains an air of elegance and sophistication? Pieces made from abalone shells are what you're looking for, combining a vivid color palette with a gorgeous sheen.

What’s more, abalone shells are a natural material, ethically sourced from sustainable farms. In other words, you can wear exquisite jewelry while remaining environmentally conscious!

What Is Abalone?

Rainbow in an Abalone Shell

Bill Gracey | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Abalones are marine snails that usually inhabit colder coastal waters of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the West Coast of North America, and Japan. These mollusks cling to rocks and feed on kelp, allowing them to grow up to twelve inches in size.

Like other gastropods, abalones have a hard shell protecting their otherwise soft body from predators and injuries. This shell, made from a type of calcium carbonate known as nacre, is frequently used for making jewelry and decorative pieces. Thanks to its vibrant blue, purple, and green hues, the abalone shell immediately draws the eye, perfectly complementing all outfits and events.

Unfortunately, decades of abalone harvesting for their meat and shells have rendered them nearly extinct in the wild. As a result, wild abalone is now a protected species, making its fishing heavily regulated. Most abalones used in seafood delicacies and jewelry nowadays come from sustainable abalone farms.

Abalone Jewelry

Abalone Shell Earrings

Paua Select Abalone & Ebony Wood Earrings

The naturally beautiful and iridescent abalone shell has been used in jewelry-making for centuries. In many ways, the shell is similar to a mother of pearl, the difference being that it’s far more vibrant and colorful. The unique patterns seamlessly blend together, and the colors easily pair with rose and yellow gold. Thanks to this versatility, abalone jewelry managed to maintain its popularity over the years.

In addition to being visually striking and tasteful, abalone shell jewelry is also rather affordable. Smaller, subtle pieces will suit any shopper, but even the bigger ones won’t empty your wallet. I recommend starting with understated abalone jewelry first to get a proper taste of whether this precious material suits your style.

What Abalone Jewelry Represents

Abalone Shell Necklace

Paua Select Abalone, Sterling Silver, & Copper Necklace

Aside from its magical beauty, abalone jewelry carries certain meanings and energies it can infuse into your life. For instance, abalones are strong and resilient animals, so their shells often represent those same qualities.

In addition, abalone shells emit a sense of tranquility and stillness of deep seas, sure to calm you during stressful times. Wear the pieces containing this material when you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed — your mind will quickly clear, allowing you to make better judgments.

Finally, due to its connection to water, abalone can help with emotional expression and intuition. In other words, keeping a piece of abalone shell jewelry with you should significantly improve your personal relationships.

Sticks and Stones Abalone Shell Jewelry

Abalone Shell Dog Tag

Paua Select Abalone & Ebony Wood Dog Tag Necklace

If you’re looking for gorgeous jewelry that’s sure to leave an impression, Sticks and Stones pieces are a perfect choice. We have a wide selection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets made with various kinds of abalone shell, including Paua Select. Its gentle ripples and iridescent sheen will win over your heart the moment you lay your eyes on them.

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