Brown Lip Mother of Pearl - One of Nature's Most Beautiful Gifts

Brown lip mother of pearl is one of our favorite precious materials to work with. Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it is also sustainable and can be ethically sourced. It's not so easy to find though. While mother of pearl may look like pearls, there are some key differences between the two.

In this post, we want to talk about brown lip mother of pearl and what makes it so special.


What is Mother of Pearl?

A mollusk shell lined with mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is made of an iridescent material called nacre, a calcium carbonate substance secreted by some species of mollusks. This organic material gives mother of pearl its distinctive beauty and a shimmering look. It is durable yet smooth and glossy on the surface. While pearls are made of a piece of debris covered in many layers of nacre, mother of pearl is the inner layers of the mollusk's shell.

It is usually found in three species of mollusks: abalone, freshwater mussels, and oysters. Likewise, there are different kinds of mother of pearl that have different colors and properties, such as white, black lip, brown lip, and gold lip.


How Is Mother of Pearl Made?

Mother of pearl is made by harvesting oysters. The pearls are removed, and the shells are cleaned to extract mother of pearl. Luckily, oysters can be sustainably farmed.

It is crucial to note that oyster farms today have an ethical approach to cultivation. If you're looking for organic, ethical, and sustainable jewelry, mother of pearl is one of the hottest options right now. Along with pearls, it is the only gemstone formed by a living organism of Mother Nature.


Why People Love Mother of Pearl


Mother of pearl represents knowledge, learning, creativity, perseverance, and purity. Moreover, its sheen and glitter are reminiscent of beauty, grace, and elegance. Using the gentle healing powers of the sea, this gemstone balances and heals body, mind, and soul.

Furthermore, mother of pearl jewelry is said to provide motherly protection from evil energies. As a result, it is often gifted to children.


Brown Lip Mother of Pearl

Brown lip mother of pearl is a type of the Pinctada maxima, the largest type of oyster. It can reach up to 12 inches in diameter. This oyster produces light or medium brown to pink pearls. The combination of iridescent shades of gold, brown, pink, and white make this variety of mother of pearl like no other. It looks different from every angle.

Brown lip is also one of the most difficult varieties to find. We haven't been able to find any in more than three years. For that reason, once our current supply is gone, we won't be making any more pieces with brown lip.


Why We Recommend Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Brown lip mother of pearl is one of the most gorgeous materials we've come across in all of our years of making jewelry. We could sit for hours moving a piece around to see the iridescent beauty in the light.

Brown lip mother of pearl stimulates the root chakra, which is in charge of energy, kinesthetic movement, and emotion. For this reason, you can avoid sleepiness and lack of enthusiasm with such jewelry.


Sticks and Stones Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Earrings

Our mother of pearl jewelry is the way to go if you want a gorgeous, natural-looking piece of jewelry. It creates a unique appearance and has a boho-chic aesthetic. Because of the brownish tone, this attractive jewelry perfectly complements any outfit, be it elegant, smart, or casual. It adds a subtle glow to your look, no matter what piece you choose — a pendant, earrings, or a ring.

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