Is Wooden Jewelry Good for Sensitive Skin?

As someone who's dedicated over a decade to handcrafting wooden jewelry, I often get asked whether wooden jewelry is a good fit for sensitive skin. Today, I'd like to delve into this topic and share my insights from years of experience.

The Allure of Wood vs. Traditional Metals

Man wearing a mammoth tooth ring from Sticks & Stones Jewelry

Having worked with a wide array of woods – from brilliant bacote to exquisite amboyna – I've come to appreciate the organic, hypoallergenic nature of wood. Many people with skin sensitivities often react to metals, especially those containing nickel, a common allergen. Wood, in contrast, doesn't contain such irritants, making it a natural alternative for many.

More than Just Materials

It's not just the material but also the crafting process that determines how skin-friendly a piece of jewelry is. In my workshop, I ensure that every piece is sanded and polished meticulously. Unlike some mass-produced jewelry, which might have uneven, potentially irritating surfaces, every Sticks & Stones creation is smoothed to perfection. Quality control is not just about aesthetics—it's about comfort and wearability.

It's worth noting that some mass-produced jewelry might contain harsh chemicals or heavy metals that can exacerbate skin sensitivities. These are often used either in the crafting process or as finishing touches to make the jewelry appear more lustrous. By opting for handcrafted jewelry, you're minimizing the risk of such unwanted additives.

Personalizing for Your Comfort

Woman wearing a two finger ring from Sticks & Stones Jewelry

I take pride in the bespoke orders that come my way. If you have specific allergens or sensitivities, we can work together to design a piece that caters to your needs. Whether that means selecting specific woods, ensuring metals do not come in contact with the skin, or other unique design elements, I'm here to ensure your jewelry is both beautiful and comfortable.

Another advantage of wooden jewelry is the minimal, natural maintenance it requires. Often, the natural oils from your skin are enough to keep the wood conditioned. But if you ever feel the need for an extra touch-up, mineral oil works wonders without introducing any potential irritants. Plus, should your piece ever need a refresh, I'm always here to refinish and restore it, free of charge.

Parting Thoughts

While everyone's skin is unique, and reactions can differ, wooden jewelry stands out as a more skin-friendly option for many, especially when compared to metals that can contain nickel. By choosing artisan-crafted pieces, you not only get a unique piece of art but also the assurance of quality and skin-friendliness.

If you've been wary of jewelry because of sensitive skin, I'd encourage you to explore the world of wooden jewelry. It’s where nature’s beauty meets human artistry, with a gentle touch for all skin types. Check out our collection or learn more about making a custom order.

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