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We offer the world's finest natural materials showcased as wearable art. Our pieces speak to the relationship between the elements. Clean lines, splashes of color, and simple shapes remain timeless. We design for the connoisseur of superior craftsmanship.

Handcrafted jewelry made in Portland, Oregon using responsibly sourced natural & organic materials such as reclaimed wood, precious metals, gemstones, antler sheds, megalodon teeth, woolly mammoth, abalone, camel bone, coral, and much more!

About Our Process

Benjamin Posin, founder of Sticks & Stones Jewelry, in his workshop

Hi, my name's Benjamin Posin and I'm the founder and jeweler at Sticks & Stones Jewelry.

I start by sourcing the perfect wood for the base of the jewelry, selected for both its beauty and durability. The wood is then shaped for proper size and style, and the top & side materials are added along with the hand pierced metals. With attention to every detail, and to ensure fit and comfort - the wood is sanded, soaked, and cured to then be thoroughly inspected, polished to perfection, and ready to wear. Materials may be custom curated or designed in house. My process welcomes and invites your vision for limitless possibilities. There is no end to the variety of styles that can be imagined and created.

Each creation is brought to life by hand using old world techniques and unique materials. Check out the video below to learn more.

Learn more about me and my story as I share some of the experience of crafting each piece of wearable art.

Wedding Coming Up?

We've got you covered. Everything from custom engagement rings and wedding bands, to bridesmaid and groomsman gifts. Head over to our Custom Orders page to see what's possible.

Testimonials from Couples

"From the get-go, we knew we wanted to get our rings from a local jeweler. We also wanted something unique and contemporary. We found Sticks & Stones and met with Benjamin. After sharing our vision, we knew we'd found our jeweler. [He] skillfully guided us through the ring materials selection and sizing process. The end results exceeded our expectations."
"Ever since [we had these rings made] we have never regretted choosing you for this project. In fact, I get compliments all the time about the mammoth's tooth ring you made for me!"

A Memorial to Last a Lifetime

Cremation jewelry offers a heartfelt way to keep the memory of a loved
one or a cherished pet close to you. These unique pieces incorporate a
small portion of ashes into beautiful, wearable art. They serve as a
tangible connection to those who have passed.

Committed to Sustainability

Here at Sticks & Stones we're committed to sustainability. Not only with our material selection, but with our process. We utilize wood scraps that would normally be thrown away. We reuse anything we can from gloves to stirrers to containers and everything in between. We strive to generate as little waste as possible.

Elevate Your Style with a Purpose - Support Reforestation with Every Purchase!

At Sticks & Stones, we believe that fashion should not come at the expense of our planet. That's why we are proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization committed to reforestation. With every purchase of our handmade wooden jewelry, we will plant 10 trees in Oregon.

Join us in our mission to make the world a better place, one piece of jewelry at a time. Shop our collection today and make a difference with every purchase. Thank you for choosing Sticks &
Stones and for supporting reforestation efforts in Oregon.

July's Birthstone: Ruby

Coming from the Latin word, ruber, literally translating to red – the ruby is is believed to bring with it positive energy of balance in the heart and vitality. It is associated with overall protection and wealth. With its fiery red color, rubies are thought to support and increase your life force energy through protection, courage, and stimulating joy.

Benjamin Posin, founder of Sticks & Stones Jewelry, working on a new piece in his workshop


We specialize in creating designs with our in house materials, or working with materials you may have that you would like incorporated into your jewelry. Custom orders are available for every piece you see on the site pending material availability. Each creation is hand made with organically sourced material, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Click below to learn more. We look forward to making your vision come to life.

Fossilized Coral - A Timeless Treasure

Have you ever held a piece of history in your hands? That's the feeling I get whenever I work with fossilized coral, also known as agatized coral. I am constantly in awe of the unique materials that nature provides us, and fossilized coral is no exception. In this blog post, we'll dive into the formation, characteristics, and allure of fossilized coral, and explore its place in the world of artisan jewelry.

Topaz: One of Nature's Most Versatile Gemstones

One gemstone that has captured our attention recently is topaz, a brilliant and versatile stone that comes in a wide array of colors and holds a wealth of fascinating properties and meanings. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of topaz, exploring its origins, variations, and the ways in which it can be incorporated into stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

How to Store Your Wooden Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

I've always believed in creating pieces that aren't just beautiful but are also enduring symbols of nature's timeless elegance. Today, I want to share with you some insights into preserving your cherished wooden jewelry, ensuring it lasts a lifetime and beyond.

How to Check Your Ring Size at Home

People often ask me, “Benjamin, how do I figure out what my ring size is? I’d love to order one of your amazing, sustainable rings, but I’m afraid it might be the wrong size when it arrives.” And I completely understand the feeling. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a ring for yourself (or your loved one) only for it to barely fit or slide right off.

Do Wooden Rings Last?

If you’re looking for unique and timeless jewelry, wooden rings are an excellent choice. Still, many people worry about their durability. How long can a wooden ring actually last?

Check out our latest blog post to find the answers.

A collection of different exotic woods used to make natural jewelry


Beauty abounds in nature. We only use the finest sustainably sourced natural materials. See what we use and why it's so special.


I’ve bought multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE rings in different styles. I’m a huge fan of their work. They absolutely care about their art, and it shows in the jewelry they make for people. Forever a loyal customer, and fan over here.
I absolutely love your jewelry. I purchased a ring many years ago and got so many compliments and have been dying to get another one. One of a kind jewelry, which I prefer. I'm hoping just hoping to purchase another one today! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world! Much love.
Years ago I got this beautiful wood ring that to this day gets tons of compliments. It is the 2 finger style. Love it.