How to Store Your Wooden Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

I've always believed in creating pieces that aren't just beautiful but are also enduring symbols of nature's timeless elegance. Today, I want to share with you some insights into preserving your cherished wooden jewelry, ensuring it lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Wood, with its warm tones and unique grain patterns, brings a piece of nature’s soul into our daily lives. Each piece of wooden jewelry in our collection is handcrafted with love and a deep respect for the material’s organic beauty. To maintain this beauty, proper care and storage are essential.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Wood is a living, breathing material long after it becomes part of a jewelry piece. It reacts to its environment — humidity, temperature changes, and exposure to chemicals can all affect wood's appearance and durability. Proper storage helps protect your wooden jewelry from these elements, ensuring its beauty and structural integrity are preserved.

Steps to Store Your Wooden Jewelry

  1. Keep it Dry
    Moisture is the enemy of wood, leading to warping or swelling. Store your jewelry in a dry place, away from bathrooms or damp areas. Silica gel packets can be a great addition to your jewelry box to absorb any excess moisture.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight
    Just as the sun can damage our skin, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the vibrant colors of your wooden jewelry. Store your pieces in a shaded, cool place to maintain their rich hues and prevent drying out.
  3. Separate Storage
    Wood can be softer than metals and certain gemstones. To avoid scratches or dents, keep your wooden jewelry in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewelry boxes. This separation also prevents pieces from tangling or damaging each other.
  4. Control the Environment
    Extreme temperatures can be harmful. Avoid storing your jewelry near heat sources or in very cold areas. A stable, room-temperature environment is ideal for preserving wood’s natural beauty.
  5. Give it a Breather
    While keeping your jewelry in airtight containers can protect it from dust, occasional airing out helps prevent any moisture buildup that could potentially harm the wood.
  6. Keep it Clean
    Before storing your wooden jewelry for any length of time, give it a gentle wipe with a soft, dry cloth. This removes any excess oils or residues that might have accumulated during wear.

Embracing the Journey

Just like the trees from which they come, wooden jewelry pieces are living stories. With each wear, they gently adapt, telling tales of your adventures together. By following these storage tips, you ensure that this narrative continues beautifully for years to come. Don't forget, you can always get your Sticks & Stones pieces cleaned and refreshed free of charge.

In our studio, we are committed to crafting jewelry that not only stands the test of time but also grows more meaningful with it. Proper care and storage are key to this journey. I hope these tips help you cherish your wooden jewelry as much as we cherished creating it.

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