Antler Point Necklace With Teal Burl Wood & Blue Sapphire


One of a kind, antler point necklace.

Material Info: Antler point necklace with dyed teal burl wood center section. Set with 2.5mm blue sapphire in 14kt white gold bezel. 14kt yellow gold filled screw eye and jump ring, with 30in 14kt yellow gold filled cable chain. This original necklace is currently out of stock. 

Material Details: Blue sapphire is associated with spirituality and finding peace within oneself. It has also been said to be connected to purity, trust, patience, love, and strength. Some think of it as a wisdom stone, and feel sapphires support the process of bringing peace and harmony. Sapphire is also the birthstone of September.

Burl wood is the result of a unique occurrence in the way the wood grows on some trees. Not the name of an actual tree, but instead the result of an area of growth usually near the trunk, (or sometimes even underground), where an area is filled with knots. This can result in the tree looking deformed in some manner from the outside, but on the inside, the wood is filled with beautiful, natural twirling swirls. The grain in burl wood grows in an unusual and extraordinary way.

All antler is only made from found sheds.

Jewelry Care: Some materials are organic, and can expand or contract in different elemental settings. Avoid getting your jewelry wet, as well as avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or other elements. Each piece is handcrafted with presence and attention into every detail. 

Turn around time for custom orders: Each piece is hand crafted, and available for additional or custom order pending material availability. Expect 4 weeks turn around for completion. Complete this form for custom order inquiries. 

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